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Beautiful Traditional Tropical Style Ohana Yurts

The idea of Ohana Yurts started back in 2009. We wanted to buy some yurts for a holistic center project we were doing. After talking to several companies, we started to realize that were no Hawaii-based manufacturers, (even though some companies said they were). All yurts had to be sourced from the mainland, making the process incredibly expensive and too slow to be productive. It was during this process that the idea for Ohana Yurts was born. OY originally started as Backyard Yurts, but we soon realized that it was lots of ohana (or “families” in Hawaiian) that were buying the yurts to live in, so our name changed to Ohana Yurts. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company serving the entire Ohana of Hawaii.


Over the years, Ohana Yurts has grown to become the premier yurt manufacturer in Hawaii and a globally recognized business within the industry.

Ohana Yurts has been featured on popular tv shows: HGTV’s “Tiny House Big Living” Season 2 and also on HGTV’s DIY channel “Love Yurts”. The business continues to grow and enjoy much success, however, the core focus remains to be a positive influence on the environment and focus on providing the best possible materials and design for the ancient yurt and continuing to share the positive effects of the yurt for generations to come.

The Ohana Yurt Team

Continually striving to create the most sought after yurts in the industry, our team of creative, enthusiastic people go above and beyond to deliver your dream home. We are family, Ohana!

Nathan Toler

Yurt Designer & Builder

Nathan designs and builds yurts, quite literally, from the ground up. From the yurt structure itself, to elaborate two floor designs with slides and spiral staircases, our in-house Founder is the lead on all things creative.

Jenny Toler

Yurt Designer & Sewer

Jenny is our number one sewer and interior designer. Using her skills in home décor to make your yurt comfortable yet stylish, her sewing and design skills are second-to-none.

Niki Parlow

Interior Designer

Nikki Parlow is a North Shore Oahu designer whose creative talent and artistic design crosses multiple mediums. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Design from Fullerton College and went on to become a visual merchandiser for major retailers such as Nordstrom. This merchandising experience expanded to set and event design from theme parties to large musical productions. For years she was known for her jewelry design line, Natural Mystic Designs, which showcased handcrafted pieces made from precious and semi-precious gemstones and metals. Nikki uses her creative experience to decorate and design our signature range of customized yurts to create the perfect space for our customers.


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